Beware of another SAT Goof

Henry Hechtblog

This one is also in the Reading section of Practice Test 3. Question 37, on page 538, is one of those many questions that ask “Which choice provides the best evidence for the answer to the previous question?” The right answer is D, and the line listing is 72-75. But in the explanation for the first half (No. 36) of this set of paired questions, the line listing is 72-78, and rightly so. Those lines are what should be offered in choice D for question 37. Without the second half of the that sentence, there is no mention of women not getting the same “freedoms” as men. Yes, D is the best answer of the four, as students are told to choose in the Directions before each section. However, it makes the student’s job harder than it should be.
By the way, I patiently talked to three people on the College Board switchboard to tell them about the mistake in Question 50. The last person I talked to, whose job it is to handle such calls, said he’d get back to me. That was perhaps a month ago. I’m still waiting. I’m guessing courtesy is not part of the College Board ethos.