Beware of SAT Goof!

Henry Hechtblog

A big heads up to anyone prepping for the SAT using the College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide. That’s the newer version, the one with eight practice tests. In the Reading section of Test 3 there is a mistake in Question 50 on Page 541. The correct answer, based on the table on Page 539, is 83%, C. It’s pretty easy, in fact. Just go to the last line in the table and there it is, plain as day. But go to Page 609 in the Answer Explanation section and you will see that the alleged correct answer is 77%, B. If you check out that test on the College Board website, you again see 77% and B. That’s the way it was in the original Study Guide for the “new” SAT, which had only four practice tests. What happened is obvious. A proof reader made a boo-boo. That last line in the table should have been 77%, as it was in the first Study Guide.