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Communicating Your Message

The lack of basic writing skills is a given in our world. I am certain you see all too frequently the unfortunate results of this writing illiteracy: poorly drafted correspondence, reports, brochures, handouts and publicity materials damaged by mistakes in grammar, usage and punctuation.

The need for clarity and conciseness applies to all forms of writing and that is what I can provide. What is the point of your employees spending countless hours on an important project if the finished product does a bad job of communicating your message to your clients and staff?

Is that report filled with vague, ill-conceived phrases, sentences and paragraphs? Is there instance after instance where six or seven words will suffice instead of 16 or 17 words? Is there too much corporate-speak and not enough plain-speaking?

That’s where I come in, by focusing and sharpening your written materials.

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Rates may be negotiated on an hourly or per project basis.

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