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“It is my great pleasure to recommend Henry to anyone looking for insightful, practical and successful study methods, whether in writing or in navigating the SAT or ACT – you are in the very best of hands. My son recently was accepted, with an amazing scholarship, to NYU, in no small part due to his work with Henry. I am excited that my daughter is now also beginning her journey towards college guided by him. My greatest compliment to Henry’s teaching, as a parent, is that he skillfully guides his students to express themselves, and find their own way to reach their potential. The success the student sees will be truly their own, and the skills they learn with Henry will be invaluable through their lives.”

— Old Greenwich mom

“Henry was highly recommended by friends and he didn’t disappoint us as our daughter was thoroughly prepared for her SATs and ACTs. Henry’s expertise, enthusiasm, and professionalism helped to build our daughter’s confidence, and his personal touch, attention to detail, and knowledge were evident every tutoring session. I highly recommend Henry.”

— P.M., Stamford mother

“We called Henry after recommendations from numerous friends who had entrusted their high schoolers to his care. His intense efforts, coupled with his engaging, warm, and motivating demeanor, resulted in our daughter receiving a perfect score on the Writing portion of her first SAT test, and an increase of 50 points in Critical Reading on her second, which contributed to her acceptance to Yale.”

— N.S., Stamford mother

“My daughter really needed direction to prepare for her SATs. She completed one of the popular prep courses but the individual attention was lacking. After 10 one-hour sessions with Henry, she went up 90 points on the Writing section and 50 on the Critical Reading section. I know these improved scores got her into her No. 1 college choice. Henry’s teaching techniques really work, and his enthusiasm was contagious, even to a teenager.”

— L.L., Stamford mother

“My child always felt uncomfortable writing in elementary school. In middle school, there were few assignments and little, if any, feedback. Henry started working with my child in eighth grade and now my high school student has developed into a confident writer.”

— J.K., Stamford mother

“Henry has given my daughter the confidence to write and express her thoughts clearly and concisely, and he has made a huge difference in her approach to writing. She no longer dreads getting an assignment.”

— C.C., Stamford mother

“Henry helped my son turn his college essay into a masterpiece by teaching him what’s important and what isn’t in an essay. Now he expresses himself through writing much better than he used to. Thank you, Henry!”

— D.F., Stamford mother

“Henry is a wonderful teacher and coach. His approach is gentle and to the point. He appropriately and quickly assessed my son’s academic skills so he would be able to address his specific needs. He knows what needs to be done to prepare students not only for the SATs but for all written work. My son was very impressed after the first session with Henry and said that he had helped him “a lot already.” We are lucky to have Henry’s expertise and coaching skills.”

— D.P., Cos Cob mother

“My son’s SAT “verbals” improved 160 points after working with Henry. He was able to both instruct and motivate my son at a time when a parent’s admonitions can fall on deaf ears. I’m happy to speak on his behalf to anyone who may have questions.”

— D.V., Stamford mother

“Henry Hecht was my first mentor and his lessons have stayed with me to this day. My ability to write crisp, descriptive sentences is the result of Henry’s coaching. I’ve never had a better editor.”

— Bob Klapisch, Baseball Columnist, The Bergen Record and

“Henry Hecht’s phone number appearing on your caller ID represents one of the most comforting things that can happen to a writer. It tells you that he’s in the process of editing your story, that you’re about to hear unfailingly good suggestions, and that your work will become better momentarily.”

— Chuck Culpepper, Newsday Columnist

“I worked with Henry Hecht for almost five years and no editor spent more time with me, or my stories, than Henry. He knows the business, he knows how to write, he knows how to make your writing better, and most important, he cares.”

 — John Boell, New York Journalist

“Henry made me a better writer as I learned something new every time he edited one of my pieces.”

— Erik Boland, Newsday Sportswriter

“I worked with Henry Hecht for three and a half years at Newsday, and time and again, my stories would emerge as improved products once Henry got through with them.”

— Ken Davidoff, Newsday Baseball Columnist

“Henry will show you how to identify your style and give you the organizational tools to make it sing.”

— Barbara Barker, Newsday Sportswriter